CD Front End Stud Welding Accessories

CD front end stud welding accessories are used to provide longer spaces between the gun and the workpiece, so operators can effectively use longer studs for a wider range of applications. Some of these Taylor Studwelding products have been designed to allow better access to the workpiece, whilst others have been designed with versatility in mind. We stock two different types of nose cone assembly with varying diameters available. We also stock two different tripod leg assemblies, with legs of varying lengths, and an extending leg assembly with either a nail guide or a nose cone option at the front. Explore the products below or find more stud welding equipment and supplies on our website.

standard tripod leg assembly

Standard Tripod Leg Assembly

Standard and long legs are available for the standard tripod leg assembly, as well as other individual components in addition to the entire assembly for convenient ordering. The standard assembly only allows welding of studs up to 35mm long (only up to 25mm long in M10). Long legs will allow support for studs up to 50mm long (or 40mm long in M10).

Description: Quantity Part Number
Standard Tripod Leg Assembly Qty 1 79-101-050
Tripod Legs  (Standard) Qty 3 79-101-052
Tripod Legs  (Long) Qty 3 79-101-054
Front End Cap Qty 1 79-101-051
Grub Screw Qty 2 Z400-05-004
Note: Long Legs are used when welding stud lengths between 35mm 0 50mm or when welding M10 studs.
Slimline Tripod Leg Assembly

Slimline Tripod Leg Assembly

The slimline assembly has been designed for use in areas with space limitations and as such is able to allow access to areas where the standard assembly would interfere with upturned edges and corners. Standard and long leg lengths are also available for our slimline tripod leg assemblies (the profile matches those of the standard tripod leg assembly listed above).

Description: Quantity Part Number
Standard Tripod Leg Assembly Qty 1 79-101-060
Tripod Legs  (Standard) Qty 3 79-101-062
Tripod Legs  (Long) Qty 3 79-101-064
Front End Cap Qty 1 79-101-051
Grub Screw Qty 2 Z400-05-004
Standard Nose Cone Assembly

Standard Nose Cone Assembly

The standard nosecone assembly comes in 3 diameters 30mm (which is the standard), 25.4mm and also 22mm. All the standard assemblies can support up to 35mm long studs (only up to 25mm in M10). The 30mm nosecone is the only one that can be extended to support longer studs with parts from stock. In addition to ordering the full standard assembly, individual CD nose cone parts are available for ordering, including specialised cones, spacers, and screws.

Standard Nose Cone Assembly Quantity Part Number
Standard Nose Cone assembly Qty 1 79-101-070
30mm Nose Cone Qty 1 79-101-072
25.4mm Nose Cone Qty 1 79-101-077
22mm Nose Cone Qty 1 79-101-078
Front End Cap Qty 1 79-101-051
12mm Spacer ( 30mm Nose Cone) Qty 3 79-101-071
25mm Spacer ( 22mm & 25.4mm Nose Cone) Qty 3 79-101-076
Grub Screw Qty 1 Z400-05-004
Socket Cap Screw Qty 3 Z400-04-001

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