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Stud Welding Gun Attachments for Limited Access

Taylor Studwelding has designed a range of mini and micro stud welding gun attachments to address location problems in relation to stud welding on unique and complex work materials. For instance, you may be working in proximity to an internal corner or in spaces that are overhung by flanges. Small areas and angled positions can now be stud welded just as easily as larger and flatter areas with the correct hand tools for the job.

Mini Contact Stud Welding Gun Attachment

As our standard mini stud welding gun attachment, the Mini Contact gun can weld studs between 2 to 8mm for M3 to M8 studs (up to 25mm).

Welding range2 – 8mm
Stud length rangeup to 25mm
Hand tool length62mm
Hand tool weight

Cable length


3 metres

Mini Contact Plus Stud Welding Attachment

Mini Contact Plus Gun Attachment

The Mini Contact Plus welds larger studs of 10mm only, with a stud length range of up to 30mm.

Welding range10mm only
Stud length rangeup to 30mm
Hand tool length62mm
Hand tool weight1.45kg

Micro Contact Gun Attachment

The Micro Contact gun attachment has been designed for use in places where access is very limited. It is the smallest and lightest of all our hand tools, weighing just 300 grams.

The Micro Contact gun is compatible with the Contact C2 Stud Welding Gun from Taylor Studwelding, a powerful yet lightweight manual CD stud welding pistol.

Welding range2-8mm
Stud length rangeUp to 25mm
Hand tool length50mm
Hand tool weight0.30kg