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Taylor Studwelding is a leading UK supplier of weld studs to numerous industrial and manufacturing sectors. Our DA weld studs are of the highest quality, immediately available in mild steel and stainless steel, as well as other materials upon request. Manual and automated stud welding processes alike work best with high-grade studs, which lead to smoother operations and less downtime for machines.

DA Weld Studs

Drawn Arc Weld Studs

Our standard DA weld studs are available in low carbon content Mild Steel (EN 898-1 compliant) and Stainless Steel A2-50 (EN ISO 3506-1 compliant). We can also supply heat resistant steels and non-ferrous aluminium studs up to 12mm diameter as special requests. Our standard studs come with a bright finish, but we can provide numerous other finishes, including zinc, copper and nickel plating.

As Drawn Arc stud welding is a slightly more forgiving process than CD stud welding, it is suitable to use headed or turned studs. We supply both turned and headed studs as standard, depending on the quantity and material required for manufacturing. All the DA studs we supply come with ceramic ferrules, as these are essential to the Drawn Arc process where shielding gas is not being used.

We are also able to produce studs for short cycle welding and automatic feeding as required.

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Stud Materials & Standards



Low Carbon Mild Steel 4.8 (weldable)EN 20898-1
Stainless Steel A2-50 (weldable)EN ISO 3506-3

Sheet Metal Material Thicknesses

DA weld studs are appropriate for use with sheet metals of 2mm and above thicknesses, including surfaces with curvature, surface grease, and other minor imperfections. A minimum of 1mm sheet thickness is required for every 3mm of stud diameter to prevent burning through the parent metal.

Special Requests

Taylor Studwelding has over 10,000,000 welding studs in stock at our purpose-built UK factory complex, so we can easily fulfil most orders, including ones from large-scale operations. We also pride ourselves on offering flexible and innovative solutions to the unique issues that our clients may face in manufacturing operations; to this end, we are adept at working with special requests.

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