drawn arc i16 controller

i16 Drawn Arc Stud Welding System Features

  • Robust and compact design housing all components in one cabinet.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Stepless adjustment of welding current and time.
  • Microcomputer controlled.
  • Constant current regulation.
  • i16 uses the latest inverter technology.
  • Solid-state switching.
  • Visual multi-functional display (12 languages).
  • Self-diagnosis overheating, short circuit control, pilot arc malfunction.
  • Gun lift test facility.
  • Chuck saver circuit fitted.
  • Fitted with a gas facility.
  • Welds in both standard and Short Cycle mode.
  • Stud counter.

i16 Drawn Arc Stud Welding System

The i16 controller is a powerful Drawn Arc stud welding system available for purchase directly from Taylor Studwelding. This microcomputer-controlled machine is lightweight, compact, and easy to manoeuvre and position to where you require it.

The i16 is compact and easily portable Drawn Arc inverter equipment designed to weld up to 16mm reduced base studs. This system has been designed to offer fast and accurate welds, all while being easy to operate, so you can achieve better welding results consistently.

You can use this machine for Drawn Arc (DA) or Short Cycle (SC) stud welding and you can easily program the system using the visual multi-functional display available in twelve different languages. The i16 system is CE and UKCA marked and works in conjunction with several of our stud welding guns; specifically the DA2A, DA7B and DA8A tools.

You can view the complete operating manual for this system via our downloads page.


Welding Stud Range3-14.6mm RB (M16 PD)
Input3ph. 400v 50Hz/60Hz (other voltages available)
Max.  KVA Rating35KVA (IDLING – 50W)
Welding Current (10% cycle)100 – 1400 A
Welding Time (m/sec)10 – 1000
Welding Rate3 – 30/min
Class ProtectionIP23
Dimensions(L x W x H) (mm)   510 x 325 x 450 (including handles)

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