Capacitor Discharge (CD) products are perfect for flawlessly welding studs to thin gauge materials with clean and flat surfaces, including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and brass. Capacitor Discharge stud welding causes nominal penetration to the parent material and doesn’t require finishing, so is ideal for applications where reverse marking needs to be minimal and smaller diameter studs are preferred.

Capacitor Discharge stud welding is a low cost, fast, and flexible form of welding where lightweight equipment is highly beneficial. Our light yet strong CD product range offers the ideal solutions to Capacitor Discharge stud welding needs in a range of industries. We focus on delivering machines and hand tools that are lightweight, compact, expertly balanced, and easy to use while remaining of superior strength with impact resistant designs.

The benefits of Taylor Studwelding Capacitor Discharge stud welding products include robust yet light designs, minimal operator fatigue, fast recharge times, rapid welding action, LED technology, and ultimate flexibility, whether you’re looking for a machine in the CDM Multigun range that operates a combination of hand tools or easy capacitor voltage adjustment. Above all, we offer quality and reliability in each machine we make, as we have been doing for over 30 years in the stud welding industry.

Our machines and tools are designed to save you time while increasing your profit margins, all while providing the best quality and latest technological innovations to ensure you stay ahead of the competitive curve. For instance, our CDi range includes the latest inverter technology for vastly improved charge rates and overall efficiency.

For stud welding processes involving access-limited spaces, we provide a range of mini and micro hand tools designed to be used in conjunction with our standard size hand tools. These smaller hand tool accessories allow the operator to work in proximity to an internal corner or overhanging flanges. Explore Taylor Studwelding’s CD range below:

CDi Range

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CDM Multigun

C2 Handtool

LG2 Handtool

Mini Contact Handtool

CD mini pistol

Mini Contact Plus

Micro Contact Handtool

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