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How to Use the Contact C2 Stud Welding Gun

This CD hand tool achieves an efficient and effective form of manual stud welding for various industrial applications. Using the Contact stud welding gun as a manual CD stud welder broadly involves the following steps:

  • Fit a CD weld stud into a suitable CD chuck and adjust using a threaded adjustor.
  • Press the chuck firmly into the stud gun and lock into position using the key provided (hand pressure is sufficient for this).
  • Set spring pressure for the hand tool using the rear adjustor.
  • Place stud at welding position and press firmly down on the pistol to ensure it is perpendicular to the workpiece.
  • Pull the trigger to weld the stud; then pull the pistol cleanly off the welded stud and reload.

Contact C2 CD Stud Welding Gun

The Contact stud welding gun is a fantastic choice for manual Capacitor Discharge (CD) stud welding on thin sheet metals. This lightweight tool has been designed for balanced use, in order to minimise operator fatigue and make it comfortable and easy to use.

Though it only weighs 1.9kg, the Contact C2 is highly durable, made from impact resistant Verton. It has a welding range of 2-10mm and can weld standard studs of up to 35mm in length. With extended assemblies, it can weld studs of any length.

Taylor Studwelding stud welding guns have been created for versatile applications; we provide a number of accessories to help you solve specific location problems when welding studs to complex and unique workpieces. If you require lifting possibilities, see our Lift Gap pistol, which is also suitable for CD stud welding.

Contact C2 CD Stud Welding Gun

Contact Handtool Features

  • Designed for lightness and balance.
  • Minimizes operator fatigue.
  • Comfortable and easy to use.
  • Body made from impact-resistant, high strength Verton.
  • Accessories available to solve specific location problems.


Welding range:2-10mm
Stud length range:Standard – up to 35mm
Extended:Any length
Hand tool length:195mm
Cable length:3 metres
Hand tool weight:1.92kg