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Taylor Stud Welding is an international studwelding company with over 35 years in the industry and we have a hard-working, dedicated team in UK. We are UK-manufacturers and work with businesses across the globe to provide you with the highest quality studwelding equipment and supplies. We have become internationally renowned for our high quality design, manufacture and supply.

We have a massive range of studwelding products including studwelding machines, CNC machinery, hand-held units, automated systems and stud welding accessories — all available to our customers in India. Our team of first class customer, administration and technical service providers keep you fully informed and supported along every step of the process.

What can Taylor Stud Welding Offer?

As a leading provider of studwelding in India, Taylor Stud Welding offer a massive range of studwelding equipment and supplies. We also have a highly dedicated team that value your time and love to help with any questions you might have.

We have over 10,000,000 items in stock at any time so no order is too complex for us to complete.

StudWelding Machines

We design and manufacture all our studwelding machines in house, so you can get high quality, UK-manufactured machinery anywhere in India with the assurance that the product you’re buying is the very best available.

We have capacitor discharge machines, fully automated stud welding machines and the latest technology in CNC machinery.

CNC Machinery

Our CNC stud welding systems allow every part of the welding process to be computer controlled and fully automated, saving you time, labour and the associated expenses.

Our machines showcase leading technology, being some of the fatest across the globe: they are able to complete 60 studs per minute (1 per second) with an accuracy rate better than +/- 0.15mm. These are some of the best CNC stud welding machines not just in India, but in the world.

Drawn Arc Welding Machines

We have a large range of drawn arc, or DA, stud welding machines which are perfect for welding onto thick materials (2mm or thicker). They can weld onto uneven surfaces in the presence of grease, light rust or scale, producing an extremely neat and long-lasting weld.

Our DA machines are designed for easy maneuverability with wheels and braking systems. We have a range of hand DA tools designed with balance and lightness in mind for effective and efficient drawn arc welding.

Capacitor Discharge Machinery

Our capacitor discharge machines (CD) are ideal for flawless welding of studs onto thin materials with clean and flat surfaces. Our CD machines can weld onto mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and brass. It’s a low cost, fast and effective form of stud welding and Taylor Stud Welding can provide you with the very best machines.

Our CD machines are designed with leading technology and innovative science to ensure that you not only stay ahead of the competition, but save time, money and increase your profit margins.

As well as full-size CD machines, we have a range of hand-held mini and micro tools available for our customers in India.

Stud Welding Accessories

The ten million products we have in stock include a range of stud welding accessories. These provide everything you need to manage and complete every stud welding job. We can provide welding studs for both DA, CD and CNC welding as well as chucks, nose cones and panel sockets — among much more.

We have the complete range of machines, accessories and materials to enable you to work effectively, smoothly and with a high profit margin.

CNC Machines

CNC Stud Welding Machines
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Autofeed Pistol

Taylor Studwelding Autofeed Pistol
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Bench System

Taylor Studwelding Automatic Bench System
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Drill Stand

Taylor Studwelding Drill Stand
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Automated Systems

Taylor Studwelding Automated Stud Welding Machinery
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If you want high quality machinery for your business or company in India, then get in touch with Taylor Stud Welding today. Our staff would love to talk through your requirements, questions and needs to provide you with an effective and long-lasting solution.

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