Automated Stud Welding Machines

Taylor Studwelding’s automated stud welding machines are highly efficient and economical choices for a variety of applications. The fully Automated System stud welding range boasts up to 4 welding heads, dual controllers to increase speed, and welding rates of up to 60 studs per minute. Ideal for long and short production runs, these effortlessly programmable 2 axis machines have a high accuracy level and can weld several components simultaneously to save time and money.

The CNC Automated Stud Feed Production Unit uses computer numerical control to provide pre-programmed sequences of machine controlling commands to your stud welding system. Available with PC or PLC control options, these stud welding machines can have up to 4 axes, comes with linear encoders to give superior positional accuracy, and can weld areas of up to 3000 x 2000mm at up to 60 studs per minute.

The Taylor Studwelding Automatic Feed Pistol is a hardwearing, lightweight, and ergonomically designed unit that can weld M3 to M8 as standard, though other diameters are possible to achieve. The Auto Feed Pistol can be used with the CNC Stud Feeder Unit when attached to a Capacitor Discharge (CD) or Drawn Arc Short Cycle (DA SC) system.

Our Drill Stands and Benching units take advantage of the Auto Feed Pistol, in conjunction with a bowl feed, sequencer unit, and CDM controller, to create precision built, pneumatic stud welding machines suited to high volume use. The system’s flexibility means studs can be fed manually or automatically and table sizes can be made to meet specific needs. Drill stands offer a manual option with more stability than hand tools.

All our Auto Systems have been designed and extensively tested to deliver accuracy, efficiency, and tolerance for high volume applications.

Automated Systems

Taylor Studwelding Automated Stud Welding Machinery
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Autofeed Pistol

Taylor Studwelding Autofeed Pistol
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Bench System

Stud Welding Benching System
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Drill Stand

Stud Welding Drill Stand
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CNC Range

CNC Stud Welding Machine
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