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CDi Range CD Stud Welding Systems

Choosing Your CD Stud Welding System

You can choose the right CDi machine model for you depending on your unique stud welding requirements. This capacitor discharge range can weld CD studs as small as 2mm. The CDi 10 model can weld studs of up to 10mm in diameter, or up to 8mm for Aluminium Alloy and Zintec studs. The power is in your hands!

Need to use a range of hand tools in combination for your stud welding work? Check out the Taylor Studwelding CDM Multi Gun range.

CDi Range CD Stud Welding Systems

A Capacitor Discharge Studwelding machine (also known as a CD stud welder) is ideal for quickly and reliably adding fixings and fastenings to thin gauge metal sheets. CD stud welding is suitable for delicate work requiring small studs and minimal penetration/marking to the parent material. In fact, stud welding provides a strong resulting weld that far surpasses the strength of the original stud and sheet combined. The CDi capacitor-discharge range, designed and manufactured in the UK, are a popular choice for a range of manufacturing industries thanks to these machines’ versatility and the powerful results they provide for a variety of metal materials.

Taylor Studwelding’s CDi range CD stud welding systems are powerful capacitor discharge stud welders that are capable of welding mild steel, stainless steel, Zintec (Electro Zinc), aluminium, and brass CD studs (see our stud catalogue to find out more about individual studs. Despite their robust strength and superior reliability, these machines are also very compact and lightweight, weighing half the amount of many other conventional CD stud welders. We have designed and built these CD stud welding systems to meet all required standards and each machine is CE and UKCA marked.

CDi Stud Welding Range Features

  • Compact, lightweight portable machine.
  • Strong, robust construction.
  • Half the weight of many other conventional Capacitor-Discharge welding equipment.
  • Latest inverter technology ensures a more efficient machine with faster charge rates.
  • Rapid welding action substantially reduces weld time and improves profitability.
  • Automatically senses and adjusts for varying AC voltage and frequencies.
  • Easy adjustment of capacitor voltage.
  • LED displays allow easy monitoring of functions.
  • Quality and reliability from Taylor Studwelding Systems Limited.
  • Welds Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Brass.
ModelCDi 8
Nominal Capacitance66,000 µ
Welding Range- Mild Steel2 – 8mm
Welding Range – Stainless Steel2 – 6mm
Welding Range – Aluminium Alloy2 – 6mm
Welding Range – Zintec2 – 6mm
Weight (controller only)11.50kg
ModelCDi 9
Nominal Capacitance99,000 µ
Welding Range- Mild Steel2 – 10mm
Welding Range – Stainless Steel2 – 8mm
Welding Range – Aluminium Alloy2 – 6mm
Welding Range – Zintec2 – 8mm
Weight (controller only)12.50kg
ModelCDi 10
Nominal Capacitance132,000 µ
Welding Range- Mild Steel2 – 10mm
Welding Range – Stainless Steel2 – 10mm
Welding Range – Aluminium Alloy2 – 8mm
Welding Range – Zintec2 – 8mm
Weight (controller only)13.50kg