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Using the Lift Gap LG2 Stud Welding Gun

More detailed instructions on using the Lift Gap LG2 stud welding gun, including controller voltage and CD chuck are available in the manual, but the stud welding process using this gun generally involves the following steps:

  • Fit a CD weld stud into a suitable chuck and adjust using a threaded adjuster.
  • Press the CD chuck into the pistol and lock into position using the provided key (hand pressure alone is sufficient).
  • Set spring pressure for the gun using the rear adjuster.
  • Place stud at required welding position; press down on the pistol to ensure it is completely perpendicular to the workpiece.
  • Pull the trigger to weld the stud, then pull the pistol cleanly off the welded stud to reload for further stud welding action.

Lift Gap LG2 Stud Welding Gun

The Lift Gap LG2 is a high-performance manual stud welding gun designed for CD stud welding processes. This stud gun offers up to 5mm of lift for truly versatile applications on a welding range of 2-10mm with studs of any length when using extended assemblies.

This hand tool only weighs 2kg, designed to be lightweight to reduce operator fatigue and promote comfortable use. The design of the Lift Gap LG2 also has a focus on balance, helping operators achieve strong and impenetrable welds on a range of CD stud welding appropriate materials, with the aim of reducing marking to thinner parent materials.

In addition, a range of accessories is available for the Lift Gap LG2 gun when you need to resolve specific location problems on your workpieces.

The body of the Lift Gap LG2 stud welding gun is made from high strength, impact-resistant, yet remarkably lightweight Verton, a material that has been extensively tested to ISO and IEC standards. This makes the Lift Gap LG2 ideal for the daily wear and tear of stud welding work. If you require only up to 5mm of lift for CD stud welding, see the Contact C2 gun.


  • Designed for lightness and balance.
  • Minimizes operator fatigue.
  • Comfortable and easy to use.
  • Body made from impact resistant, high strength Verton.
  • Accessories available to solve specific location problems.
  • Up to 5mm of lift available.
Lift Gap LG2 Stud Welding Gun


Welding range2-10mm
Stud length rangeStandard – up to 35mm

Extended – any length

Hand tool length195mm
Cable length3 metres
Hand tool weight2.20kg