Stud Welding Accessories

From chucks to cable plugs, Taylor Studwelding has a huge range of stud welding products, accessories and attachments to suit numerous industrial applications. Our product ranges have been developed to suit the stud welding systems you are using: Capacitor Discharge, Drawn Arc, and/or Automated.

For Capacitor Discharge stud welding systems, we supply numerous CD Chucks, Nose Cones, and Bending Bars (with nozzles) in many sizes, diameters, and quantities to match your needs. Taylor Studwelding CD Nose Cones suit Standard, Standard Tripod, and Slimline Tripod assemblies.

Our Drawn Arc stud welding supplies include Standard, Long, and Adjustable Chucks, Ferrule Grips, and a variety of Shear Connectors. Ferrule Grips are required for welding studs during the powerful and efficient DA stud welding process.

A range of Auto Feed Chucks keep your automated stud welding systems running smoothly and our Cable Plugs, Panel Sockets, and Earth Cable Plugs selection are compatible with a variety of machines. We also stock several extended leg stud welding accessories for use with tripods.

If you require any assistance in choosing the correct stud welding products tools, units, and working requirements, our expert advisors are more than happy to help. See our range of stud welding accessories below:

CD Chucks

CD Stud Welding Chucks
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CD Nose Cones

CD Stud Welding Nose Cone
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CD Bending Bars

CD Studwelding Bending Bars
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DA Accessories

DA Stud Welding Accessories
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Extended Leg Assemblies

Stud Welding Extended Leg Assemblies
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Cable Plugs & Panel Sockets

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Auto-Feed Chucks

Autofeed Chucks
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