Pan Welder System

Pan Welder Drawn Arc System

The Pan Welder is Taylor Studwelding’s most powerful Drawn Arc stud welding system, capable of welding up to 8 studs per minute on materials of 2mm and above thickness. This fully pneumatic Drawn Arc system is easy to set-up and use with infinitely adjustable charge voltage and welding time displays. This machine welds in the Stored Arc mode and automatically controls a supply of inert gas (the welding head has an inbuilt argon shroud).

The Pan Welder Drawn Arc system was designed for the Holloware industry, to weld square aluminium bosses of up to 10mm to pans. The machine is therefore capable of welding 8mm and 10mm ALMG3 square studs. The welding rig itself is constructed from aluminium to restrict magnetic influence.

Pan Welder Drawn Arc System

Pan Welder Controller Features

  • Lightweight and portable design.
  • LCD display shows key information.
  • Setting mode allows simple set up.
  • Infinite adjustment of welding time.
  • Infinite adjustment of charge voltage.
  • Automatically controls weld head and clamps.
  • Automatically controls supply of inert gas.
  • Microcomputer controlled.
  • Solid state switching.
  • Constant air cooling.
  • Welds in the stored arc mode.


Welding Mode Stored Arc
Welding Stud Range 8/10mm square ALMG3
Input  1ph, 230v, 50/60hz
Fusing 16A
Capacitor Voltage 50 to 200V
Capacitance 165mF
Stored Energy 0.2 / 3.3 K Joules
Welding rate 8 per minute
Class Protection IP23
Cooling FAN
Dimensions 500 x 300 x 350mm (L/W/H)
Weight 45kg
Pan Welder Drawn Arc Welding Rig

Welding Rig Features

  • Aluminium construction to restrict magnetic influence.
  • Adjustable air controls.
  • Varied angle adjustment on welding head and pan  bolster to accommodate angled pan welder fixings.
  • Simple Interchangeable bolster arrangement..
  • Linear movement of front platen to give correct stud position on pan wall.
  • Push button initiation of welding cycle.

Welding Head Features

  • Robust and lightweight.
  • Fully pneumatically controlled.
  • Pneumatic lift facility.
  • Built in argon shroud.
  • Easily adjustable height facility.


Control System Pneumatic
Lift System Pneumatic
Inert Gas System Adjustable Extended Leg System
Dimensions 1100 x 540 x 650mm
Weight 85kg


Control & Lift System  Pneumatic (5.5 Bar)
Welding Range 10mm Square (Max)
Cable Lengths  Up to 3 metres
Dimensions 450 x 100 x 65mm
Weight 5Kg
Weigh- including Cables 7.5Kg