DA Stud Welding

Drawn Arc stud welding (also known as DA stud welding) achieves very strong penetrative welds on materials of 2mm thickness and above. DA products are really the only choice for stud welding large diameters and they can tolerate surface curvature and imperfections such as light rust, grease, and scale. The Drawn Arc stud welding process provides a supremely neat and controlled weld fillet and is suited to multi-gun applications.

DA Welding Process

The Drawn Arc stud welding process involves setting current and weld time, lifting a stud to a pre-set height, then using the pilot arc the lifting causes to create a molten pool in the plate. Return spring force then forges the stud into the molten pool; the process requires a ferrule to contain the molten metal and shape the fillet.

Taylor Studwelding are international leaders in quality stud weld products and equipment from drawn arc welding to capacitor discharge. View our DA catalogue, explore the types of arc welding and types of welding we can help with, or browse our collection of DA weld products below. You can also find additional drawn arc welding information at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions about any of our products or DA welding, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Drawn Arc Catalogue

DA Stud Welding Accessories Catalogue

Drawn Arc Stud Weld Products:

800 DA Controller

800 E Controller

drawn arc 800E controller

1200E Controller

DA 1200E controller

1600E Controller

drawn arc 1600E controller

2000E Controller

DA 2000 Stud Welding Machinery

2700E Controller

Taylor Studwelding DA 2700 Stud Welding System

i12 Controller

drawn arc i12 controller

i16 Controller

drawn arc i16 controller

Pan Welder System

Taylor Studwelding Pan Welder

DA 1A / DA 2A / DA 3A Handtool

DA Stud Welding Guns

DA4 / DA5 / DA6 Hi-Lift

DA 7B Handtool

drawn arc DA7B hand tool

Da 8A Handtool

drawn arc DA8A hand tool

Drawn Arc Hand Tools

We supply Drawn Arc hand tools, which have been expertly designed and tested to provide users with lightness, balance and minimal operator fatigue. Hand tool attachments and accessories enable you to tackle several specific issues with ease.

We have a large range of drawn arc weld products available to hire in the UK. For more information about renting a drawn arc stud welding machine, just get in touch. We provide a wide range of accessories to suit many applications. Find out about our stud gun welder hand tools.

Pan Welder System

The Pan Welder System is our most powerful and effective Drawn Arc stud welding system, capable of welding up to 8 studs per minute with a fully pneumatic welding rig and easy to adjust Controller with an LCD information display. The welding head has an easily adjustable height facility and a built-in argon shroud for superior flexibility and strength.

DA Controllers

Taylor Studwelding’s DA Controllers are microcomputer controlled with visual displays and infinitely adjustable welding times and currents. They are all soak tested and undergo extensive durability tests to ensure their quality and efficiency.

The 1200E, 1600E, 2000E, and 2700E Drawn Arc Controllers are fitted with four wheels and brakes for safe manoeuvrability and all Controllers are fitted with a gas facility and automatic cooling functionality.

What is Drawn Arc Welding?

Drawn arc stud welding is one method of stud welding which creates a lasting weld to a piece of material on a single side. Drawn arc is suited for welding onto thick materials (2mm+), curved surface materials and for large diameter applications. (Unlike the alternative welding option, capacitor discharge which is suitable for thinner materials and those without surface imperfections such as light rust or grease.)

Drawn arc stud welding doesn’t penetrate the materials and therefore creates a single-sided fastening that doesn’t risk leaks or weakening of the material and is extremely long lasting.

drawn arc welding product example
DA weld ready for charge
Drawn arc stud welding step 3
drawn arc welding completed
  1. Based on the diameter to be welded, the current and weld time is set on your drawn arc stud welding machine. The DA stud is then placed on the plate.
  2. The stud welding machine triggers a pilot arc and the stud lifts to a pre-set height.
  3. The main arc process then melts the weld end of the stud, creating a molten pool of metal in the plate.
  4. Return spring pressure forges the stud into the molten pool, welding it to the material. The ferrule contains the molten metal and shapes the fillet. It results in an extremely strong bond between stud and material.

For more information about drawn arc welding, or to enquire about hiring or buying a drawn arc welder, simply get in touch today.