CD Chucks

CD Stud Welding Chucks

Taylor Studwelding is a leading UK supplier of stud welding chucks for the Capacitor Discharge stud welding process. CD welding chucks (also known as collets, mandrils, or simply stud holders) are essential accessories that are inserted into the end of a stud welding gun to hold the stud before and during application. With effective use and maintenance, each collet can last for over 1000 uses, providing a fantastic return on investment for industrial operations.

Taylor Studwelding’s range of UK-designed and manufactured Capacitor Discharge machines require copper chucks, but we also supply brass chucks to the manufacturing industry, depending on your specific requirements as a customer. Brass welding chucks tend to also be taper chucks, which engage with a tapered adaptor in the gun.

Types of Stud Welding Chucks

In addition to standard chucks, earth tag chucks and nail collets are also available for CD stud welding processes. Taylor Studwelding also has a range of automatic chucks and related accessories permanently in stock. Auto-feed chucks tend to last longer than manual chucks as they are used as part of a highly standardised and consistent welding process with automatic machinery, giving a higher level of accuracy and reducing operational issues.

As there is no standardised solution for CD stud chucks, it may feel daunting to know which chucks to purchase for your specific gun and/or machine. Our knowledgeable representatives are here to advise you on the best CD chucks to order, so get in touch with any questions or concerns and we will be more than happy to advise you.

CD Stud Welding Chucks



M2.5 79-101-002
M3 79-101-003
M4 79-101-004
M5 79-101-005
M6 79-101-006
7.1 79-101-007
M8 79-101-008
M10 79-101-010



M2.5 79-101-001
M3 79-101-001
M4 79-101-001
M5 79-101-001
M6 79-101-001
7.1 79-101-001
M8 79-101-001



M2.5 79-101-023
M3 79-101-022
M4 79-101-027
M5 79-101-028
M6 79-101-029
M8 79-101-030
CD Chucks

Earth Tag Chuck

Pt No: 79-101-019

Large Bracket Chuck. ( right)

Stud Welding Chucks


Part Number.
79-101-021 ( 95mm Long)