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Our range of CD weld studs includes mild steel and stainless steel studs, pure aluminium and aluminium alloy studs, and lead-free brass studs. The materials we use are suitable for important relevant EN and ISO industry standards; for example, our aluminium studs are EN 573-3 compliant and our stainless steel CD studs comply to EN ISO 3506-3 (see our specification section below for the full list, as well as a downloadable CD stud catalogue). Many of our CD weld studs are available in threaded, unthreaded, and internally threaded forms, making them suitable for diverse applications.

Beyond weld studs, we also supply many other key fixings and fastenings for the CD stud welding process: you can also find tapped bosses, CD plain pins, earth tags, and CD insulation nails in our catalogue, available in each metal material. Our CD stud welding accessories are suitable for use with a range of materials, including steel (low carbon and high carbon; stainless steel; zinc coated steel; electro-galvanised steel; hot rolled structural steel), aluminium (pure or alloy), brass, and copper. The right choice of CD stud depends on the materials you are using; we can always advise you on the best choice.

Mild Steel CD Weld Studs

MS CD weld studs

Mild Steel Tapped Boss

MS tapped boss

Mild Steel CD plain pin

MS CD plain pin

Mild Steel earth tag

MS earth tag

Mild Steel CD insulation nail

MS CD insulation nail

Stainless Steel CD studs

SS CD weld stud

Stainless Steel tapped boss

SS tapped boss

Stainless Steel CD plain pin

SS CD plain pin

Stainless Steel earth tag

SS earth tag

Stainless Steel CD insulation nail

SS CD insulation nail

Bronze CD weld studs

Brass CD weld stud

Brass tapped boss

Brass CD plain pin

Brass earth tag

Brass CD insulation nail

Aluminium CD weld studs

AL CD weld stud

AL CD tapped boss

AL CD plain pin

Al CD earth tag

AL CD insulation nail

CD Stud Catalogue

CD Weld Studs Catalogue

A to Z of Studwelding

CD Weld Studs Catalogue

To find out more about the CD weld studs and also other fastenings we have in stock, download the CD stud catalogue below or get in touch with us with any questions. Our highly knowledgeable customer service team will be very happy to help advise you on choosing the right accessories. We stock over 10,000,000 items at our purpose-built office and factory complex at any given time. This means we can fulfil orders of any complexity level.

Stud Material & Standard



Low Carbon Mild Steel 4.8 (weldable)EN 20898-1
Stainless Steel A2-50 (weldable)EN ISO 3506-3
Aluminium Alloy AlMg3EN 573-3
Pure AluminiumEN 573-3
Lead Free Brass  4.8 (weldable)ISO 426 –1 / ISO 1638