Taylor Stud Welding are international experts in stud welding machines and welding equipment for industrial and commercial use. We have hand-held stud welding guns, welding studs, chucks, cable plugs and sockets, and even drill stands and benches. Whatever stud welding equipment you need for your business, we can help.

From chucks to welding guns, our machines, accessories and welding equipment are internationally renowned and of the very highest quality. We are based in the UK, designing and providing our equipment in-house, but supply to countries throughout the globe. Our network of international contacts and premium quality welding equipment has made us world-leaders in the welding industry.

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What is Stud Welding?

Stud welding is a fast, reliable and strong form of welding. It applies a single side fastener to a metal component to create a lasting fixture. It works for a huge range of fasteners, including studs, pegs and nails, and can be welded onto materials ranging from stainless steel through to aluminium alloy.

There are three methods of stud welding — short cycle (SC), drawn arc (DA) and capacitor discharge (CD) — which lend themselves to different welding requirements and all produce a highly reliable and durable fastening.

Taylor Stud Welding stock a full and comprehensive range of welding equipment with over 10 million products in stock at any time! This includes DA, CD and auto welding equipment and machines.

Taylor Stud Welding supply equipment for a massive range of industries which include manufacture, electrical, mechanical, consumer and decorative.

  • Is reliable and long-lasting
  • Creates unbeatable, strong welds and fastenings
  • Minimises operator fatigue with special lightweight designs
  • Increases profit margins by maximising efficiency
  • Is versatile and can be adapted to your specific needs and requirements.

The Equipment

We have a huge range of different welding equipment and tools available. If you need any guidance with finding the correct machine, tool or accessory for your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have a friendly customer service team that would love to help.

Welding Guns

Our stud welding guns can be used in conjunction with our machines and weld studs. They have been designed for supreme balance and to create a lightweight tool that minimises operator fatigue and therefore maximises efficiency.

We have welding guns appropriate for different sized studs, material thicknesses and types of welding. This includes standard drawn arc welding guns, hi-lift DA guns, short cycle, contact (CA) guns and lift gap. Whatever you need to produce a high-quality weld, we’ve got it.

C2 Handtool

LG2 Handtool

Mini Contact Handtool

DA4 / DA5 / DA6 Hi-Lift

Da 8A Handtool

DA 8A Stud Welding Gun

Welding Accessories

Welding equipment comes in a huge array of different shapes and sizes and you’ll find it all in our range of welding accessories. From chucks through to cable plugs, we’ve got all the extras you need to weld effectively and efficiently.

CD Chucks

CD Stud Welding Chucks

CD Bending Bars

CD Studwelding Bending Bars

DA Accessories

DA Stud Welding Accessories

Cable Plugs & Panel Sockets

Auto-Feed Chucks

Autofeed Chucks

Welding Machines

We have drawn arc, capacitor discharge and automated welding machines all available, catering to your needs in whatever industry you work. Our automated machines use CNC technology to produce a series of high quality welds set to your preference and requirements. They are the ultimate examples of welding equipment that maximise efficiency and therefore profit!

CNC Machines

CNC Stud Welding Machines

Autofeed Pistol

Taylor Studwelding Autofeed Pistol

Bench System

Taylor Studwelding Automatic Bench System

Drill Stand

Taylor Studwelding Drill Stand

Automated Systems

Taylor Studwelding Automated Stud Welding Machinery

Welding Equipment

If you require any assistance with selecting your welding equipment and supplies, get in touch with one of our welding experts. We have a friendly customer service team that would love to help.

Our welding equipment is state-of-the-art and appropriate for a huge range of applications. Browse our website to learn more.