Automated Systems


  • Built to high quality standards.
  • Fully automatic welding of studs from 3mm to 10mm diameter and in lengths from 6mm to 35mm.
  • Fast and highly economic method of Studwelding.
  • Easy programming and “quick change” facilities.
  • Ideal for both long and short production runs.
  • Manufactured to meet specific production line requirements.
  • Welds a number of components simultaneously.
  • Can be programmed off-line from any suitable computer system.
  • Available with component delivery and exit systems.
  • Level of accuracy better than +/- 0.15mm.
  • Automatic doors, light guards and soundproofing.
  • Up to 4 welding heads per system.
  • Dual controllers increase weld speeds.
  • Welding rates of up to 60 studs / minute maximum.
  • Available with stepper or servo driven motors depending upon level of accuracy and the speed a customer requires.


  • 2 axis machine.
  • Full automatic stud feed via a bowl feed mechanism.
  • Patented “in-line” feed system.
  • Accuracy +/-0.15mm
  • Productivity with versatility.
  • Weld areas up to 3000 x 2000mm.
  • Budget systems available.