At Taylor Studwelding we have a range of semi and fully automatic stud welding machines. We have designed our automated systems to improve the efficiency and consistency of work our clients can achieve. From feeding studs into the machine to moving finished components, we can automate every aspect of the stud welding process. Our bespoke automatic stud welding machines are also easy to use; they have operator-friendly interfaces and quick changeover facilities for long and short production runs. Designed and built to meet all required standards.  All Taylor Studwelding Automatic systems are CE and UKCA marked.

Automatic Stud Welding Machines

The Benefits of Automatic Stud Welding Machines

There are many benefits to automating your stud welding processes with an automatic stud welding machine. Consider the following benefits to your work with automation:

  • Efficiency: increase your output and workload capabilities with continuous machining and out of hours operation. Our machines achieve some of the fastest welding rates in the world; a Taylor Studwelding machine can weld up to 60 studs per minute.
  • Accuracy: CNC machines offer superior positional quality for precise and accurate results every time, leading to less material waste and fewer costs. In fact, our machines are accurate to +/- 0.15mm.
  • Powerful Results: many of our automatic machines utilise multiple CD or DA stud welding controllers and welding heads for fast and powerful stud welding capabilities.

CNC Machines

Our CNC stud welding systems are highly bespoke, offering operators a range of capabilities on various types and sizes of components. For instance, we can create custom machines to the size you require for your unique workloads. Other bespoke elements include:

  • Weld Areas: weld fasteners to components of up to 3000 x 2000mm in area.
  • Axes: our CNC machines are capable of 2 axis and 4 axis machining (or 5 axis machining on 3D components when used with a robot).
  • Weld Heads: use up to 5 weld heads for continuous, high speed, precision stud welding.
  • Welding Controllers: utilise multiple controllers for powerful and fast welding action.
  • Drivers: choose from Servo or Stepper drivers for many of our machines.
  • Controls: PC or PLC control available.

Find out more about the scope of these automatic stud welding machines on our CNC stud welding machine page.

Automation Equipment

As well as full automatic systems, we have several automated units designed for efficient and precise work across all stages. These include:

  • The Bowl Feeder Unit: our automated bowl feeder unit feeds studs to the gun for a constant supply of studs.
  • The Auto Feed Pistol: when used with a stud feeder unit and a CD or DA controller, the auto feed pistol can be used continuously with a constant stud supply.
  • The Automated Pistol Welding Bench: by adding a sequencer unit and CDM controller to a SIK2 Automatic Welding Held, we can create a pneumatic system with push-button controls.

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