Stud welding is an efficient welding process where an electric arc is established between the metal workpiece and weld stud creating a welded joint. At Taylor Studwelding, we stock a wide range of stud welding systems perfect for industrial, construction and automotive applications.

We design and manufacture a range of stud welding guns for use with our machines and weld studs. Our stud welding guns are balanced and lightweight; this makes them ideal for manual stud welding work on a range of materials and types of arc welding for diverse industries.

Read our stud welding gun guide below to find out more about the types of stud weld gun we have created for powerful and accurate welding capabilities. 

Types of Stud Welding Gun

We have created stud welding guns for drawn arc, capacitor discharge, and short cycle stud welding. Here’s all of the different types of stud welding guns we have to offer at Taylor Studwelding.

Drawn Arc Stud Welding Guns

We have a specialised range of drawn arc stud welding guns for our drawn arc controllers and systems. These guns help operators create strong and penetrative welds on materials of 2mm+ thickness. However, they remain light in weight, effectively reducing operator fatigue.

The types of drawn arc stud welding gun we manufacture include standard, hi-lift, and short cycle guns.

Drawn Arc Stud Weld Gun

Standard Drawn Arc Guns

Our standard range of DA stud welding guns include the DA 2A and DA 3A. The DA 2A has a 50mm² cable, making it ideal for most drawn arc operations. The DA 3A has a thicker cable at 70mm². This makes it more suitable for welding larger diameter studs (16mm+) where more heat is produced. Both guns have optional accessories for welding with shielding gas where required.

Drawn Arc Hi-Lift Weld Stud Gun

Hi-Lift Drawn Arc Guns

Hi-Lift drawn arc welding guns provide a more substantial level of lift; our DA4 and DA5 models also vary in terms of cable thickness, with the DA4 suiting studs of up to 19mm, the DA5 for studs up to 22mm in diameter and the DA6 gun for studs up to 25mm. All of these guns are capable of welding at their maximum diameters at a rate of 6 studs per minute.

drawn arc DA8A hand tool

Short Cycle Stud Welder Guns

For short cycle stud welding, we have created the DA 7B and DA 8A stud weld guns, which can carry DA or CD weld studs. The DA 7B can weld drawn arc studs of up to 12mm diameter and short cycle or capacitor discharge studs of up to 8mm (up to 50mm length or 170mm length with extended legs). The DA 8A gun can weld short cycle or CD studs of up to 8mm diameter (up to 35mm length or any length with an extended assembly). Both guns have optional accessories and shielding gas.

Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding Guns

We have two styles of stud welding gun for capacitor discharge (CD) stud welding applications: the Contact C2 stud welder gun and the Lift Gap LG2 stud welding gun.

Contact Stud Welder Gun

Contact Stud Welding Gun

The Contact C2 is a contact stud welder gun that is specially designed for capacitor discharge work on sheet metals of 1mm+ thickness. As with all our guns, the Contact C2 is comfortable and easy to use. It can weld studs from 2-10mm in diameter and up to 35mm in length (as standard, or longer when you use an extended assembly).

Lift Gap Stud Welding Gun

Lift Gap Stud Welding Gun

The Lift Gap LG2 is a lift-gap stud welding gun that is suited to manufacturing operations that require less visible marking of the opposite face on thin materials (under 2mm thickness for Steel, or 3mm thickness for Aluminium) . The LG2 can provide up to 5mm of lift. This makes it effective at reducing reverse side marking and a highly versatile gun for CD stud welding applications.

What Is Required for Stud Welding?

For stud welding, you’ll need:

  • A stud welding gun
  • A welding power source 
  • Welding current cables and connections
  • The element you are welding
  • Studs
  • Chuck for holding the stud

Here at Taylor Studwelding, we stock a wide range of stud welding accessories to pair with our stud welding guns. Browse our range online or contact us for more information. 

Stud Welding Gun Enquiries 

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