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CDM Multi Gun CD Stud Welding Machines

CDM Multi Gun Range Features

  • Operates any combination of 3 hand tools.
  • Operates any combination of lift gap and contact hand tools.
  • Allows different diameters and lengths to be welded (2mm-10mm).
  • Easy adjustment of capacitor voltage.
  • LED displays allow easy monitoring of functions.
  • CE marked and built to meet all required standards.

Versatile CD Stud Welding

Taylor Studwelding has designed the CDM Multi Gun with versatility in mind, understanding that companies and industries may require diverse stud welding tools and systems in their daily operations. This stud welding system is able to operate any combination of three hand tools, including lift gap and contact stud welding guns. It is also very lightweight and portable, despite having a powerful nominal capacitance of up to 132,000mf. The Multi Gun weighs from just 27 to 30 kilograms depending on the model you require.

CDM Multi Gun CD Stud Welding Machines

Looking for CD stud welding machines that are ultimately versatile and powerful? Introducing the CDM Multi Gun range. This stud welding machine can weld from 10 to 50 studs per minute, including CD studs measuring from 2mm to 10mm in diameter. Its efficient and rapid stud welding action, paired with very fast recharging times, can make a substantial impact on the operational efficiency and profit margins of your organisation. This is because Taylor Studwelding capacitor discharge machines drastically reduce the time it takes to attach fastenings and fixings to thin gauge sheet metals.

This CD stud welding machines range is appropriate for use with studs and other fastenings made from stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, and brass, all of which can be found in our CD stud catalogue. The Capacitor Discharge Multi Gun is also compatible with a range of sheet metal parent materials, including mild and stainless steels, aluminium, and Zintec. These machines use electrolytic capacitors as an output power source, providing an output of up to 200V.

Mains Input115 and 230V AC,  50 – 60 Hz, 1 Phase
Input Power1.8 KVA
Input Fuse Rating16A at 115V, 10A at 230V
Output Voltage35 – 200V
Output Power SourceElectrolytic Capacitors
Weld Rate10 – 50 studs per minute
Weld Range2 – 10mm
Enclosure ClassIP21 protection
Weight (controller only):27 / 30kgs
Dimensions:460 x 375 x 326mm
CDM8 ContactCDM8 Lift Gap
Nominal Capacitance:66,000 mf
Welding Range Mild Steel:2-8mm2-8mm
Welding Range   S/ Steel:2-6mm2-6mm
Welding Range  Al/Alloy:2-6mm2-6mm
Welding Range Zintec:2-6mm2-6mm
CDM9 ContactCDM9 Lift Gap
Nominal Capacitance:99,000 mf
Welding Range Mild Steel:2-10mm2-8mm
Welding Range / Steel:2-8mm2-8mm
Welding Range:  Al/ Alloy:2-8mm2-8mm
Welding Range: Zintec:2-8mm2-6mm
CDM10 ContactCDM10 Lift Gap
Nominal Capacitance:132,000mf
Welding Range Mild Steel:2-10mm2-10mm
Welding Range / Steel:2-10mm2-8mm
Welding Range:  Al/ Alloy:2-8mm2-8mm
Welding Range: Zintec:2-8mm2-8mm

If you would like to find out more about the CDM Multi Gun and our range of CD stud welding systems and accessories, get in touch with Taylor Studwelding today and one of our knowledgeable staff members will be more than happy to help.