What Is a Stud Welding Gun?

A stud welding gun is used to fuse two or more parts together with an arc. A stud welding gun can weld aluminium, copper, brass and steel. The stud welding process involves heating up both workpieces with an electric arc to create a clean, high-quality weld.

Stud welding is mainly used in the construction industry from steel works right through to automotive construction. 

Benefits of Stud Welding

So, what are the advantages of stud welding? The benefits of stud welding include:

  • Reliability: You’ll get the same weld every time.
  • Fast results: The weld will be complete in seconds.
  • No holes: Stud welding eliminates the need for drill and tap.
  • High-quality, strong results: The weld is stronger than the stud and base material, providing a long-lasting result.
  • Portable equipment : The equipment is easy to move around if required. 
  • Automation : The process can be automated.
  • Cost-efficient: The process provides significant savings on labour costs.

To find out more about the benefits of stud welding, read our advantages of stud welding guide here.

Our Stud Guns

Taylor Studwelding’s range of drawn arc stud welding guns have been designed to achieve lightness and balance, effectively minimising operator fatigue. 

There are two main ways in which our stud welding guns differ from one another: cable thickness and stud lifting ability. For those looking to achieve short cycle stud welding, we have also developed two specialist guns. You can also explore our other drawn arc stud welding products here.

Over time, we have created models with thicker connecting cables to effectively handle larger studs and heavier workloads. Thicker cables are not as affected by overheating and are less likely to lose voltage. Plus, by taking the pressure off the cable, your drawn arc stud welding machine instead handles high temperatures. 

Our machines have been designed to automatically switch off if the transformer gets too hot. This saves you time and money on repairs as well as reducing operational risk. We also have many clients who require extra lifting capabilities for the studs they are welding; Taylor Studwelding has designed our Hi-Lift range of guns to address these requirements.

Standard Drawn Arc Stud Welding Guns

Standard Drawn Arc Stud Welding Guns

Our standard model DA stud welding guns are the DA 2A and DA 3A. For most drawn arc stud welding machines and applications, the DA 2A is the optimal model with its 50mm² thick cable. 

This gun can weld studs of up to 16mm in diameter at a rate of up to 10 studs per minute. The DA 3A is perfect for use with wider diameter studs, including M20 studs or any studs above the diameter of 16mm. This gun has a 70mm² cable, which is more resistant to the heat produced by welding larger studs.

The DA 3A is often used with 2000E systems, the DA 2A is more suitable for the 1200E system, and the 1600E controller is suited to both.

DA 1A, DA 2A, DA 3A Specifications

Welding range3mm – 16mm RB
Stud length range100mm
(with extended legs)Any length stud
Cable size35 mm²   Welding Cable (m) – DA 1A
50 mm²   Welding Cable (m) – DA 2A
70 mm²   Welding Cable (m) – DA 3A
Weight (including cable)5.4kg
Cable length5 metres
Dimensions L x W x H270 x 70 x 155mm
Hi-Lift Drawn Arc Stud Welding Guns

Hi-Lift Drawn Arc Stud Welding Guns

Our high lift drawn arc stud welding guns are the DA4, DA5 and DA6 Hi-Lift guns. As with the previous tools, these guns vary in cable thickness depending on the diameter of the drawn arc studs you are welding. The DA4 gun has a 70mm² thick cable and can weld stud diameters of up to 19mm; for studs of up to 25mm in diameter, the DA5 is the optimal choice with its 95mm² cable.

We have designed the DA6 for speed instead of stud diameter concerns; this powerful gun exceeds welding 1 stud every 6 seconds, making it highly viable for clients with large workloads.

DA4, DA5, DA6 Specifications

Welding range6mm – 25mm FB
Stud length range100mm
(with extended legs)Any Length
Weight (less cable)2.1kg
Cable length5 metres
Cable size  70mm²   (m) ‐ DA4
95mm²   (m) ‐ DA5
120mm²   (m) ‐ DA6
Dimensions L x W x H260 x 70 x 160mm
Under Sling length100mm

Short Cycle Stud Welding Guns

We have also developed stud welding guns which are suitable for the short cycle stud welding process, which can utilise drawn arc or threaded capacitor discharge weld studs depending on your requirements. 

Short cycle stud welding is much quicker and more cost-effective than drawn arc when welding on parent materials under 2mm thickness. These guns are a great choice for companies with a variety of stud welding applications where drawn arc and short cycle processes can be applied.

DA 7A Drawn Arc Stud Welding Gun

DA 7B Stud Welding Gun

The DA 7B is manufactured using impact resistant BAH Delrin and can weld Drawn Arc studs of up to 12mm Diameter or Short Cycle weld CD studs of up to 8mm. Extensions are available for the gun and earth cables, as well as a variety of attachments and accessories for solving specific problems.

DA 7B Specification

Welding Range Standard Arc3mm – 12mm RB
Stud Length Standard Legs50mm
Extended LegsAny length
Cable Length5 metres
Cable Size35mm2
Weight (including cables)3.8kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)265 x 65 x 150
DA 8A Drawn Arc Stud Welding Gun

DA 8A Stud Welding Gun

The DA 8A gun is suitable for CD studs of up to 35mm in length. It has a welding range of 3mm-8mm for short cycles. This gun can be supplied to weld with shrouding gas, which reduces spatter from the short cycle process, and is impressively lightweight at only 2.2kg with cables.

DA 8A Specification

Welding range – Standard Arc3mm – 10mm RB
Stud length rangeUp to 35mm
with extended legsAny length stud
Weight (with cables)2.2 kg
Cable length5 metres
Cable size25mm2
Dimensions L x W x H195 x 55 x 140mm

High-Quality Stud Welding Machines

At Taylor Studwelding, we’re the UK’s leading supplier of Drawn Arc, Capacitor Discharge, stud welding machinery and weld studs. From hand-held, lightweight units to fully automated systems, we currently have over 10,000,000 items in stock.

Always expanding the quality of our stud welding equipment, we are determined to provide high-quality products combined with the best service to all of our customers.

Explore our range of stud welding equipment today or get in touch with us for more information.


What is stud welding?

Stud welding is a welding process that uses an electric arc to join two work materials. It is most commonly used to attach a fastener to a base metal using a controlled electric arc which melts the end of the fastener to secure it onto the material.

When is arc stud welding used?

Arc stud welding, also known as stud welding, is used in a variety of applications including the automotive industry, construction, farming, heating and more.

Can you stud weld aluminium?

Yes. Welding an aluminium surface with stud welding can create a strong, long-lasting weld.

How fast is stud welding?

Stud welding is an extremely fast process and can be completed in as little as a few seconds.

How many amps does a stud welder use?

The number of Amps a stud welder uses depends on the size of the system you are using. However, a stud welding machine typically requires around 35 Amps to 200 Amps.

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