CD Stud Information

MS CD weld stud

MS tapped boss

MS CD plain pin

MS earth tag

MS CD insulation nail

SS CD weld stud

SS tapped boss

SS CD plain pin

SS earth tag

SS CD insulation nail

Brass CD weld stud

Brass tapped boss

Brass CD plain pin

Brass earth tag

Brass CD insulation nail

AL CD weld stud

AL CD tapped boss

AL CD plain pin

Al CD earth tag

AL CD insulation nail

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A to Z of Studwelding


Stud Material & Standard



Low Carbon Mild Steel 4.8 (weldable) EN 20898-1
Stainless Steel A2-50 (weldable) EN ISO 3506-3
Aluminium Alloy AlMg3 EN 573-3
Pure Aluminium EN 573-3
Lead Free Brass  4.8 (weldable) ISO 426 –1 / ISO 1638