Ceramic ferrules are an essential part of the drawn arc stud welding process. Learn more about ceramic ferrules and why they’re so important in this blog. If you’re looking for a drawn arc stud welding machine, then explore our website. All Taylor Stud Welding DA weld studs come with ceramic ferrules as standard.

What Are Ceramic Ferrules?

Ferrules generally are protective rings used to shield the stud during welding. They’re used in a wide range of applications, from fibre optics to stud welding, to help make processes more effective. Ferrules mean that items involved in a process are less likely to become contaminated or porous during the welding process. 

Ceramic ferrules (also known as ceramic arc shields) are small rings made from ceramic material. They ensure the drawn arc stud welding process works effectively.

Why Are Ceramic Ferrules Essential For Stud Welding?

Without ceramic ferrules, the drawn arc process wouldn’t be effective and welds wouldn’t be as strong. To understand why, it’s important to know how drawn arc stud welding works, as well as the different types of arc welding that can be used.

Drawn Arc Welding

Firstly, the drawn arc machine is set up for the appropriate stud diameter. The stud is then placed on the plate ready to be welded.

Once the process is triggered, the stud is lifted slightly from the plate and a pilot-arc is triggered.

This is followed by the main arc which melts the tip of the stud into molten metal. It creates a metal pool on the plate.

The machine then return-springs the stud to the plate, fusing it into the molten metal to create the extremely strong weld expected from stud welding.

The Role of Ferrules

Ferrules are essential for containing the molten metal pool. Without a ceramic ferrule, the molten metal could spread outward, not leaving enough to fuse the stud onto the plate and also creating a messy finish. 

The primary purpose of the ceramic is to shield the stud from the air during the welding process, preventing porosity and contaminants from affecting the weld. It can also act as an arc shield to reduce UV exposure in the surrounding area.

The ceramic ferrules are shaped like a ring around the stud and contain the molten pool between the stud and the plate. They shape the weld to create a neat join that is unnoticeable and seamless by containing the molten metal within their shape.

Once the process is complete, the ferrule needs to be removed. Because they are ceramic, it’s easy for an operator to chip away the ferrules to leave the finished weld.

When Are Ceramic Ferrules Not Used?

While ceramic ferrules are an essential part of the drawn arc welding process, there are some stud welding processes in which they’re not used. 

Short cycle stud welding doesn’t require the ferrules and instead uses inert shielding gas. The shielding gas prevents contaminants in the air from affecting the molten metal, which would change its properties and potentially weaken the weld.

Ferrules aren’t used in capacitor discharge stud welding either as the different process means there’s not the same risk of the molten metal spreading beyond the stud so a clean weld is achieved without the need for ceramic ferrules.

Where Can I Get Ceramic Ferrules?

If you need ceramic ferrules for your drawn arc process, the easiest thing to do is to order your drawn arc studs from Taylor Stud Welding. All our DA studs, including the different diameters and materials, come with ceramic ferrules. They’re an essential part of the process, so we don’t think you should have to pay extra for them.

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