Using the 1600E Drawn Arc Stud Welding Controller

This is an overview to the stud welding process using the 1600E controller; more precise instructions are available in the product manual.

  • The machine has keyed plugs for the earth and gun cables.
  • Turning on the controller triggers a self-test period for quality control.
  • Adjust current and time settings according to instructions.
  • Prepare the stud welding gun using a ceramic ferrule grip, ferrule, chuck, and stud (see our DA accessories page for more information on these items).
  • Adjust the foot adaptor to the correct protrusion level using adjustable legs.
  • Centre the stud in the ferrule by adjusting the foot adaptor position.
  • Turn the gun’s rear adjustor to set the lift level (one click is approximately equal to lifting by a ¼ millimetre).
  • Once the gun is ready, place the stud at the welding location and press firmly before pulling the trigger.
  • Break away the remaining ferrule to see the finished stud welding result.

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1600E Drawn Arc Stud Welding Controller

The 1600E is a robust, powerful, and highly efficient Drawn Arc stud welding controller from UK machinery designers and manufacturers Taylor Studwelding. This microcomputer-controlled stud welding machine is versatile and reliable with a convenient visual display of welding time and current, both of which can be easily and infinitely adjusted with intuitive controls. Upon powering up, the machine automatically tests itself for optimum quality control before welding work begins. The controller also has a gun lift test facility and a chuck saver circuit for excellent stud welding performance over longer periods of time.

The 1600E drawn arc stud welding controller is capable of welding studs using the Drawn Arc process, making it a great choice for industrial applications. The machine’s welding rate is up to 4 studs per minute on stud sizes of 20mm (higher welding rates of up to 20 per minute can be achieved with smaller diameters). We have also fitted this controller with wheels for easy manoeuvring and use. The machine is CE and UKCA marked.

1600E Controller Features

  • Robust and compact design housing all
    components in one cabinet.
  • Mounted on 4 wheels making the machine
    easily manoeuvrable.
  • Soak tested components used. All systems
    undergo extensive durability tests.
  • Microcomputer controlled.
  • Infinitely adjustable welding current.
  • Constant current control.
  • Infinitely adjustable welding time.
  • Solid state switching.
  • Visual current and time display.
  • Current reporting procedure.
  • Thermostatically controlled air cooling.
  • Recessed front and back panels protect
    controls and weld sockets.
  • Twist and lock plugs and sockets.
  • Handtool can use any UK and European
    chucking system.
  • Gun lift test facility.
  • Chuck saver circuit fitted.
  • Fitted with gas facility.
  • Welds Short Cycle Drawn Arc.


Welding Stud Range3mm – 18mm RB (M20 RD)
Input3ph. 400v 50Hz (other voltages available)
Max. KVA Rating85KVA
Welding Current (10% cycle)200 – 1600
Welding Time (m/sec)20 – 1500
Welding Rate4 – 20 /min
No-load Voltage95V DC
Class ProtectionIP23
Transformer Insulation ClassH
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 860 x 470 x 630

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