Taylor Studwelding is an internationally leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of stud welding equipment from fully automated machines through to welding studs. Whatever you need for your business, large or small, we have the solution. We are UK manufacturers, but pride ourselves on being an internationally renowned supplier.

We work with businesses throughout the world in almost every continent (with the exception of Antarctica!) so if you’re looking for premium, long-lasting and reliable stud welding equipment choose Taylor Studwelding. Alternatively, you can keep reading to learn more about our international expertise.


About Taylor

Taylor Studwelding was incorporated in 1987, meaning that we have over 30 years in the stud welding industry. We began with the aim to create some of the world’s best stud welding machines. Today, we have not only fulfilled that vision but continue to develop our technology to maintain our position as international experts.

We produce a huge range of stud welding equipment including capacitor discharge and drawn arc machines, as well as hand gun tools and a complete collection of accessories from studs to bending bars. Every item we manufacture is of the highest quality so you always get the very best machines and tools for your business.

We are the UK’s only designer and manufacturer of stud welding equipment and we take our British manufacturing expertise and offer it to countless countries around the globe. We want to make premium equipment accessible to businesses of all sizes and in every location.


Our International Reach 

We provide welding equipment to countries around the globe including the USA, Russia, China, South Africa and countries throughout Europe. Our team of friendly professionals are located all around the world so no matter where you are, we can provide you with the very best stud welding equipment.

We also have a large team of experts in our purpose-built offices in the UK that would love to answer any of your questions no matter where in the world you are located. Whether you want to know more about stud welding, advice on our equipment or to order some weld studs, we can help.



While our reach is extensive, we are continually looking for development opportunities. Recently this has included extending our already thriving market in India to provide an even better service to our customers in this country. We serve our Indian customers from New Delhi down to Madurai and everywhere in between!

If you’re in India and looking for quality stud welding equipment, then get in touch with us! Visit our stud welding India information page or simply call our experts on +44 1924 452123.


More Information

If you want more information on any of our international stud welding services, then get in touch. We would love to help. All our machines, stud welding guns and welding accessories are available around the globe — with the single exception of rental equipment which is currently only available in the UK.