As a specialist in the design, manufacture, and supply of stud welding equipment and components, we believe automated systems can create a much more accurate finish than other, more traditional handheld welding systems. Automated welding means each part of the stud welding process can be controlled down to each precise detail, giving long-lasting results. 

Handheld welding does give a certain level of precision, but there is still room for human error. However, certain projects could benefit from this more than they would from an automated CNC machine. In this post, we’ll go through the advantages of using an automated system over handheld methods, but we’ll also mention when handheld welding would be a suitable option.

Automated CNC Machining.

Our stud welding machines, in general, are incredibly fast, efficient and can be customised to your exact requirements. Whether you need a long or short production run, the automated machine runs effortlessly to deliver a high level of accuracy. 

Automated CNC machining, in particular, provides so much for a range of different projects. The best part of CNC machining is that every part of the process can be computer-controlled for powerful, long-lasting results. Here are some of the ways our automated machines are the most suitable machines for your next project:

  • The world’s fastest welding rates – automated CNC machines can weld up to 60 studs per minute.
  • Improved accuracy – with an accuracy rate of better than +/- 0.15mm, you can be assured there is minimal room for error.
  • Weld larger surface areas – with an automated machine, weld areas of up to 3000 x 2000 mm can be handled with ease.
  • Can be used with multiple components – for even more precision for each job, you can use multiple components within the same job to further increase production throughput. 

When is automated CNC machining the right choice? 

Automated machining is a great choice for most projects due to their speed and precision. This means they’re ideal for both long and short production runs, and in many cases, much larger projects. We work with a number of clients in the heating and ventilating industries, as well as mechanical and electrical too. Smaller projects such as signs, jewellery, and kitchen appliances would also benefit from an automated machine. 

Handheld welding.

Welding without the use of a machine is always going to be a much slower process. With an automated machine, work can be completed faster and more accurately when work is programmed in. For some jobs, a handgun welder may be a faster solution in the short term, but for regular projects or much larger ones, an automated machine is much more beneficial as a long term solution. 

Here are some of the things to bear in mind when considering automated welding machinery and handgun welding:

  • Time constraints – with welding by hand, the speed won’t be as fast as an automated machine, meaning this method would be more suited to one-off projects, perhaps with a prolonged deadline. 
  • Human error – even with skilled professionals, there is a risk of human error, which is minimised significantly with automated machinery.

When is handheld welding the right choice?

Handheld welding can be used for a number of jobs but isn’t really suited to long production runs. Larger projects or those which need a fast turnaround will be better suited to more reliable automated machinery. However, handheld gun welding, like automated welding, is versatile, allowing a variety of different materials to be welded.

Choose our automated machinery for your next project.

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