Taylor Stud Welding are industry-leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of stud welding machines. We are internationally renowned for our high quality machinery, and supply machines to India. We have a comprehensive range of stud welding machines including our fully automated CNC machinery, as well as drawn arc and capacitor discharge systems. All our machines, including our handheld products, are highly efficient and can help you increase your profit margins.

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CNC Machines

CNC Stud Welding Machines

Autofeed Pistol

Taylor Studwelding Autofeed Pistol

Bench System

Taylor Studwelding Automatic Bench System

Drill Stand

Taylor Studwelding Drill Stand

Automated Systems

Taylor Studwelding Automated Stud Welding Machinery

CNC Machines

CNC machines are fully automated stud welding machines available to our customers in India. CNC stands for ‘Computer Numerical Control’, meaning that the system is completely automated. It minimises labour and makes the process highly efficient, reducing costs and maximising profit.

Every part of the stud welding process can be automated, not just the welding, but the loading, stud feeding, and unloading. It makes the whole process easy to control and manage, and produces welded material at high speed.

The CNC machines can operate at 60 studs a minute, making them some of the fastest machinery in the world. They don’t lose precision either but maintain an accuracy of better than +/-0.2mm every time.

A single programme can weld areas of up to 3000x2000mm across multiple components, with up to 4 axes available to allow for multiple stud diameters (3mm to 8mm). We have a full range of CNC stud welding machines available in India. Read more about a CNC machine India here.

  • Fast method of stud welding that’s economically friendly
  • Welding speed of up to 60 studs/minute.
  • Simple programming and the ability to quickly change programmes.
  • Perfect for both long and short production runs.
  • Manufactured to meet specific production line requirements.
  • Accuracy better than +/- 0.2mm.
  • Can simultaneously weld many components.
  • Off-line programming from any suitable computer system.
  • Available with component delivery and exit systems.
  • Increased weld speeds with multiple controllers.
  • 2 axis, 4 axis, and 5 axis robotic stud welding options.
  • Weld areas of up to 3000 x 2000mm
  • Rigid open Aluminium frame with “T” slot profile bed.
  • High positional accuracy due to linear encoders (Servo systems only).
  • Automatic doors, light guards and soundproofing.
  • PC or PLC control and heavy-duty Servo or Stepper motors available.
  • Can weld: threaded, unthreaded and internally threaded studs in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy and brass from M3 to M8 diameter and 6mm to 35mm length. (Other diameters and lengths available upon request.)

Drawn Arc Machines

Drawn arc stud welding machines (or DA stud welding machines) are perfectly designed and manufactured to achieve lasting welds onto thick materials (2mm or above). These machines can deliver fantastic results on uneven, curved, lightly-rusted, greasy or scaled materials with a neat and lasting finish.

Our DA machines are easy to operate and easy to manoeuvre — fitted with wheels and a braking system. We also have a range of DA hand tools which have been designed for supreme balance and lightness, making DA welding on the move a simple procedure. Whatever project or job you need to complete, Taylor Stud Welding have the perfect tools for your business in India.

800 DA Controller

2700E Controller

Taylor Studwelding DA 2700 Stud Welding System

Pan Welder System

Taylor Studwelding Pan Welder

DA 1A / DA 2A / DA 3A Handtool

DA Stud Welding Guns

Da 8A Handtool

DA 8A Stud Welding Gun

Capacitor Discharge Machines

Capacitor discharge machines (CD stud welding machines) are perfectly designed and manufactured for welding onto thin materials with flat and clean surfaces. They can weld onto stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum alloy and brass. It’s a low cost, fast and efficient form of stud welding. It causes minimal penetration of the parent material, lending itself perfectly to situations where reverse marking needs to be minimal and small diameter studs are preferred.

The machines and equipment are lightweight, yet create strong and lasting welds, appropriate for a large range of different industries. The light machines minimise operator fatigue, maximising work time and profits.

All our CD welding machines are designed using the latest, industry-leading technology. For example, our CDi range includes the latest inverter technology for improved charge rates and overall efficiency.

View some of our DA and CD welding machines below or explore our website further to see more. If you have questions, why not get in touch? We would love to hear from you and discuss your business’s requirements. We provide machines throughout India, making us the very best choice for stud welding supplies.

CDi Range

CDi Capacitor Discharge Machine

CDM Range

CDM Capacitor Discharge Controller

CDM Multigun

CDM Multigun

LG2 Handtool

Mini Contact Handtool

If you want high quality machinery for your business or company in India, then get in touch with Taylor Stud Welding today. Our staff would love to talk through your requirements, questions and needs to provide you with an effective and long-lasting solution.

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