Pan Welder System

Pan Welder Controller  Features

  • Robust and compact design. Controller
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Infinite adjustment of welding time.
  • Infinite adjustment of charge voltage.
  • LCD display shows key Information.
  • Setting mode allows simple set up.
  • Automatically controls weld head and clamps.
  • Automatically controls supply of inert gas.
  • Microcomputer controlled.
  • Solid state switching.
  • Constant air cooling .
  • Welds in the stored arc mode.


Welding Mode Stored Arc
Welding Stud Range 8 & 10mm square ALMG3
Input  1ph, 230v, 50/60hz
Fusing 16A
Capacitor Voltage 50 to 200V
Capacitance 165mF
Stored Energy 0.2 / 3.3 K Joules
Welding rate 8 per minute
Class Protection IP23
Cooling FAN
Dimensions 500 x 300 x 350mm  (L x W x H mm)
Weight 45kg

Welding Rig Features

  • Aluminium construction to restrict magnetic influence.
  • Adjustable air controls.
  • Varied angle adjustment on welding head and pan  bolster to accommodate angled pan welder fixings.
  • Simple Interchangeable bolster arrangement..
  • Linear movement of front platen to give correct stud position on pan wall.
  • Push button initiation of welding cycle.

Welding Head Features

  • Robust and lightweight.
  • Fully pneumatically controlled.
  • Pneumatic lift facility.
  • Built in argon shroud.
  • Easily adjustable height facility.


Control System Pneumatic
Lift System Pneumatic
Inert Gas System Adjustable Extended Leg System
Dimensions 1100 x 540 x 650mm
Weight 85kg


Control & Lift System  Pneumatic (5.5 Bar)
Welding Range 10mm Square (Max)
Cable Lengths  Up to 3 metres
Dimensions 450 x 100 x 65mm
Weight 5Kg
Weigh- including Cables 7.5Kg