Taylor Studwelding is an international expert in stud welding and manufacture CNC welding machines for businesses in India. A CNC welding machine can fully automate your stud welding process to increase efficiency, reduce labour costs and increase output. We have a range of different CNC machines that allow you to weld with accurate positioning and long-lasting results — with an accuracy better than +/- 0.15mm. Our CNC machinery is also the fastest in the world, welding up to 60 studs per minute. With Taylor Studwelding, you’ll get the highest quality and most efficient CNC welding machines not just in India, but in the world.

With one of our machines, you can weld areas up to 3000x2000mm, with up to 4 axis for welding multiple studs (3mm to 8mm diameter). This allows you to work across multiple components within a single program. CNC stud welding machines can also be used with robots as a fully automatic, 5 axis stud welding solution that is ideal for working with 3D objects.

Whether you work in long production runs or short, the programming is easy with a quick change system to allow efficient changes without disruptive downtime. For the best CNC welding machine India has to offer, choose Taylor Studwelding. We can help you increase efficiency, production and profit.

CNC Welding Machine Range

4 Axis Automatic Stud Welding Machine (1400mm x 1200mm)

This CNC stud welding machine has 4 axis welding capabilities. It is easy to programme for long or short production runs with quick changeover functionality. PC or PLC control are both available, as well as servo or stepper motor drivers with linear encoders for high positional accuracy on servo systems. A bowl feeder unit can automatically supply threaded, unthreaded, or internally threaded studs (M3 to M8 diameter and 6mm-35mm length as standard). This machine has an accuracy of 0.15mm.

4 Axis CNC Stud Welding Machine (2000mm x 600mm)

Another incarnation of our 4 axis CNC stud welding system, this machine also comes with an automatic bowl feeder unit, PC or PLC control, servo or stepper motors, and easy programming facilities with quick changeover functionality. Our fully guarded 4 axis systems have been designed with an open aluminium frame and t-slot profile bed. They are compatible with mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, and brass studs.

2 Axis CNC Stud Welding Machine (3 Weld Head)

This 2 axis stud welding machine can have up to 3 welding heads. Each head can be fed by one or more automatic bowl feeder unit. We can create these machines to the exact size you require, with servo or stepper drivers available. With some of the fastest cyclic welding rates in the world, you can depend on our CNC stud welding machines to deliver highly precise and powerful results.

2 Axis Stud Welding Machine (5 Weld Head)

This Taylor Stud Welding machinery can have up to 5 weld heads for impressive simultaneous 2 axis stud welding. As with our 3 weld head machine, the 5 weld head system comes with an automatic bowl feeder unit and either a servo or stepper motor. We can customise its size based on your requirements. Each weld head can be fed by one or more bowls for stud welding that is highly efficient as well as powerfully precise.

Stud Welding Machine with Load/Unload Facility

For a fully automatic production cycle, this Taylor Studwelding machine has a load and unload handling system that positions the component on the welding bed with a dedicated servo system for precise and consistent positioning accuracy. The welding head itself has a stud position sensor to ensure highly accurate results. A vibratory bowl feeder unit efficiently provides studs to the head and dual controllers allow for impeccably fast welding rates. Finally, the load/unload facility moves the finished component to the unloading area.

Robotic Stud Welding

A robot enhances the efficiency of automatic stud welding processes, introducing the possibility of 24 hour running for great productivity with consistent running costs. In this video, you can see the robot working with our 4 axis unit.

3D Robotic Stud Welding

As you can see in this video, it’s possible to weld studs to complex 3D components with a robot.

Machine Features

CNC machines from Taylor Studwelding feature:

  • 2, 4 and 5 axis options.
  • The ability to weld areas up to 2000x3000mm.
  • Linear encoders to enhance positional accuracy (on Servo systems only).
  • A rigid and open aluminium frame, with “T” slot profile bed.
  • PC or PLC control, and heavy-duty Servo or Stepper motors.
  • Automatic doors, light guards and soundproofing technology.
  • The ability to weld with mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy and brass studs from M3 to M8 diameter and 6mm to 35mm length as standard. (Other diameters and lengths are available upon request.)
  • The ability to weld threaded, unthreaded and internally threaded studs.

Benefits Of Our Welding Machines

A CNC welding machine India provides:

  • A fast, efficient and economic method of stud welding
  • Easy programming with quick change facilities to adapt between short and long runs.
  • The ability to weld up to 60 studs/minute – the fastest rate in the world.
  • Bespoke manufacturing to meet your production line requirements.
  • An accuracy measure better than +/- 0.15mm.
  • The ability to weld multiple components simultaneously.
  • Offline programming tools on any suitable computer system.
  • Optional component delivery and exit systems.
  • Multiple controllers to increase weld speeds.

As well as CNC machinery, we have a range of other kind of stud welding machines available to customers in India. Find out more about stud welding machines India here or information about the full range of products and service we have available in India here.

India CNC Machinery

Taylor Stud Welding are a British company, the only one in the UK to design, manufacture and supply stud welding machines and equipment. We have worked hard to establish ourselves as international industry experts and now work in countless countries across the globe, including India.

We supply CNC welding machines throughout India from New Delhi down to Chennai so businesses throughout this country can get a quality CNC machine, no matter your location. We love supplying machines to businesses of all sizes to help you develop and grow as a company.

India, in the middle of South Asia, is one of the most diverse and highly populated countries in the world — in fact, it’s not only the 7th biggest country by land size, but is the second most highly populated country. We love working with people in India and have supplied countless CNC machines to businesses throughout the country.

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