The UK’s EV Production Rate Compared to other European Countries

Following the petrol shortage, sales of electric cars have surged, with a record 33,000 registered in September alone. But is the UK prepared to keep up with the demand? There are many benefits to driving electric cars, including lowering your carbon footprint, cheaper running costs, and less maintenance. Despite these benefits, a survey from May [...]

What are the Different Types of Arc Welding?

Arc welding is a prominent form of welding used across various industries, including automotive, shipbuilding, construction, and aerospace. The process entails using concentrated heat generated by an electric arc to weld metals together. The arc occurs from the base material to the electrode, the welding rod or wire, and melts the metal. Then the welder [...]

The Taylor Studwelding Timeline – What’s Our Story?

The story of our success has been an exciting one for us, and our journey along the way has been interesting to say the least! Here, we tell the story of Taylor Studwelding, from how we grew the company, entering the Chinese market, and how our stud welding machinery has changed over the years. Where [...]

Automated CNC Machinery Vs Hand Gun Welding

As a specialist in the design, manufacture, and supply of stud welding equipment and components, we believe automated systems can create a much more accurate finish than other, more traditional handheld welding systems. Automated welding means each part of the stud welding process can be controlled down to each precise detail, giving long-lasting results.  Handheld [...]

Stud Welding With Ceramic Ferrules

Ceramic ferrules are an essential part of the drawn arc stud welding process. Learn more about ceramic ferrules and why they’re so important in this blog. If you’re looking for a drawn arc stud welding machine, then explore our website. All Taylor Stud Welding DA weld studs come with ceramic ferrules as standard. What Are [...]

Taylor Studwelding: International Stud Welding Experts

Taylor Studwelding is an internationally leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of stud welding equipment from fully automated machines through to welding studs. Whatever you need for your business, large or small, we have the solution. We are UK manufacturers, but pride ourselves on being an internationally renowned supplier. We work with businesses throughout the world [...]

The Advantages of Stud Welding

Are you looking to find the best way to attach studs and other fasteners to sheet metals for diverse manufacturing applications? Stud welding is an excellent method to consider, as stud welding advantages are numerous in comparison to other methods. Stud Welding Advantages Here we’ll run through the main advantages for choosing stud welding for [...]

Stud Welding: The Ultimate Guide

Stud welding is a technique that involves welding a metal fastener to another metal part using an arc of electricity to heat both parts. It is one of the many types of welding available to professionals across the engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries. Many favour this process due to its speed, reliability, and the powerful [...]

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