Many of our prospective clients across industries weigh up whether buying or hiring a stud welding machine is best. With Taylor Studwelding you can hire stud welding equipment in the UK in addition to purchasing. Stud welder hire can be a great option for some; buying a system may be a better investment for others in the long run.

Looking to hire a stud welder machine? We have a huge range of machines available for UK hire. Explore our website to view our range of DA and CD welding machines and get in touch for hiring enquries. Taylor Studwelding are the UK’s sole manufacturer of welding equipment and are internationally renowned for our quality products.

Stud Welding Equipment for Hire and Purchase

We’ve put together this guide to help you make the choice between buying or hiring a stud welder. However, if you need more specific information for your particular operation don’t hesitate to give us a call for expert advice.

How varied are your operations?

Some companies tend to have a steady workload in terms of variety. On the other hand, some firms see many types of work come in overtime. In the latter case, operators may have to adapt their equipment to suit the needs of their clients. In the first case, purchasing a stud welding machine is a great investment for continuous work that requires stud welding. On the other hand, when your operational requirements are liable to change then renting a machine from a dependable supplier can be the better choice.

Are you looking to subcontract for other companies?

A varied workload doesn’t always lend itself to hiring a machine as the best choice. You can also advertise your facilities as a viable option for clients who don’t always need stud welding in-house and instead subcontract the work to you. In this case, purchasing a stud welding machine can be a highly lucrative option.

Purchasing and hiring stud welding machines – when you might need both

Some of our clients have continuous processes that require buying a stud welding system, but sometimes need extra capabilities for more temporary industrial operations occurring alongside regular work. This is where hiring a stud welding machine can come in handy for our clients who have already purchased our systems and accessories. However, we can always advise on the capabilities of the Taylor equipment customers have in-house as our systems are often flexible and adaptable for a variety of tasks.

Hire Stud Welding Equipment with Taylor Studwelding

Many of our customers choose to hire stud welding equipment for their unique operational requirements. Not sure which Taylor Studwelding machine is right for you? Check out our blog post on choosing a Taylor Studwelding system. If you want to find out more about stud welding in general, see our ultimate stud welding guide.