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Capacitor Discharge Weld Studs.

Capacitor Discharge Weld Studs.

For trouble free welding you will need to purchase high quality studs. We stock and sell the full range in all the usual materials and sizes, with Capacitor Discharge studs manufactured to European and International standards for automatic stud welding. We can also supply the less popular thread forms, in fact many of these are also held in stock.
Capacitor Discharge Weld studs for hand and automatic feed must conform to BS EN ISO 13918 standard for threaded, unthreaded and internal threaded studs.

At our purpose built computerized office and factory complex our service is fast and efficient and, with over 10,000,000 items constantly in stock, no order is too complex to fulfil.

All Taylor Capacitor Discharge weld studs, standard studs and special purpose studs are specified in greater detail in our Capacitor Discharge Stud Catalogue – available Free of Charge from our office.

Stud Material Purchasing the Right Weld Studs CD Stud Catalogue
Materials Standard 1 Download link

Low Carbon Mild Steel
4.8 (weldable)

 -   EN 20898-1


Stainless Steel
A2-50 (weldable)

-   EN ISO 3506-3

Aluminium Alloy
 -  EN 573-3

Pure Aluminium

 -  EN 573-3


Lead Free Brass
4.8 (weldable)

-   ISO 426 – 1
     ISO 1638

Download our CD Stud Catalogue 

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  • Brass Studs are not usually stocked but can be manufactured to order.
  • All studs supplied self finish except Mild Steel which are copper coated to extend shelf life.
  • For positioning CD studs the pips can be located in constant depth shallow indents.
  • An automatic "centre-pop" or punch press may be used to form these indentations but a manual centre punch must not be used.
  • Ideally templates made from sheet metal or Tufnol should be used and advice on the construction of these jigs is available on request from our sales office.
  • Data sheets detailing strength and weldability of different materials are available on request.

A2Z Studwelding-Tmb An ABC  guide to TAYLOR Studwelding and help, advice and information to Uses Products, Process. Intro 2 SW-tmb An introductions to Taylor Studweldlng , Uses, Products and the various stud welding process. BestProcess Tmb "Best Process"
This brochure will illustrate and explain the different Studwelding Process's  available.
NOTE: The Process of Shear Connectors is not included. Contact our Sales Team for information.
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