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Accessories CD: Bending Bar and Nozzles

Test bar Nose Cones   Center Jig
Capacitor Discharge Bending Bar.     Complete - Pt No: 79-101-121
  Nose Cone Centring Device.
Nozzle Sizes Part numbers. Nozzle Sizes. Part numbers.   Centre Cup   Centre Rod Cup and Rod
M3 79-101-123. M4 79-101-124 22mm Centring Cup 79-101-116 79-101-115 79-101-112
M5 79-101-125 M6 79-101-126   25.4mm Centring Cup 79-101-117   79-101-113
M8 79-101-127 M10 79-101-128   30mm Centring Cup.   79-101-118   79-101-114
Offset Chuck Adaptor.   CD Micro Pistol
Offset Chuck Adaptor.  Part No: 79-101-110 CD Micro Pistol - for more information, see "CD Hand tools"
Our Sales Team will be pleased to advise on the range of accessories and attachments available to enhance your stud welding facility.
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